Roadies 19: Gautam Gulati reveals his current equation with Prince Narula – Here’s what he said

Despite the on-screen turmoil, Gulati admitted to having no animosity towards Prince Narula.

MTV Roadies 19, where adrenaline-fueled challenges and strong competition reign supreme, isn’t simply the show where daring stunts draw attention.

The intense confrontation between gang leaders Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula has emerged as the show’s most enthralling spectacle, drawing spectators both within and outside the reality TV realm.


Even casual fans of the show are aware of the conflict between the two gang leaders. It’s a rivalry that extends beyond the screen, with social media buzzing over their heated exchanges. Despite the strong competition and charged emotions, a startling twist occurs.

In a candid interview, Gautam Gulati revealed a side that fans might not expect. Despite the on-screen drama, Gulati confessed to holding no ill will towards Prince Narula. “I don’t have any negativity or grudges against him,” Gulati said, shedding light on his mature perspective.

“Whatever happened was in the show par mere dil mei uske liye aaj bhi koi aisi gandi bhavna nahi hai ki mai kabhi uske against jaun. Over the years, I’ve realized, that once you see the bigger picture, where you want to go in life, I don’t want to do something like that.”

Former Bigg Boss champions Gautam Gulati and Prince Narula initially collaborated on MTV Roadies – Karm Ya Kaand, and sparks have been flying since.

The dynamic duo has locked horns in a battle of wits and tactics that has left fans on the edge of their seats. Their verbal sparring and tangible tension have become a staple of each episode.