Rashmika Mandanna opens up about the Deepfake controversy: ‘Who would even care if I chose to speak up”  

Rashmika Mandanna who recently fell prey to deepfake AI has opened up about the intensity of the issue at hand. While doing the promotions for Animal, Rashmika Mandanna addressed the problem called deepfakes to be ‘scary’. She has urged women to use social media platforms to raise their voices against such malpractices.

During a press conference in Hyderabad, Rashmika broke silence about the viral video. She said, “Deepfakes have been around for a while and we’ve normalised them but it isn’t okay. I always wondered who would even care if I chose to speak up and point out that it isn’t okay. So, I’m glad people from across the film industry have supported me. I understand now how important it is to speak up. I want to urge women to take the help they need when it happens,” as reported by Bombay Times.


Speaking further Rashmika said that she is grateful for her family members, friends and fans who have been her support system and protected her. But if this similar incident had happened to her while she was in school, Mandanna wouldn’t have ever been able to tackle it. Rashmika urged everyone to address this issue urgently as a community before more people fall victim to such cases.

Deepfake AI has been a nightmare for the film industry as many actors such as Rashmika, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and Kajol have fallen prey to it. It has raised serious concerns among the industry members and caused havoc on the internet. Such matters should be taken into consideration and strict action should be taken against the criminals.