Rashami Desai spill the beans on shooting with Adhvik Mahajan in ‘Tamas’, shares her fear of shooting amid COVID-19

Television actress Rashami Desai has created her very own name in the industry. She is one of the finest actresses in Indian television. Her sheer hard work and talent has allowed her to climb up the stairs of success in the industry. The actress is going to be seen in a short film named Tamas, opposite Adhvik Mahajan. The short film went viral on the social media platforms in no time. The film contains a very important social message for the society.

Currently, Rashmai is busy shooting the final episodes for Naagin 4. The actress gained popularity after featuring on Bigg Boss 13. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Rashami Desai spoke about Tamas and Naagin 4. She also added a few points on how she is adjusting to the new normal while on shoots.

While answering a question related to her views on Tamas, Rashami said, “It was a normal reaction since it was a short film, I thought execution should be better. But, when I saw the final product, it was much better than I had expected. Adhvik’s wife is a good friend of mine and he just knew me as an actor. So when he approached me with the script, he clearly told me to do it if I’m impressed with the script and not because he’s a friend. He also clarified that he won’t be able to pay me the remuneration I charge as a professional since he was making this film with favours from his friends and the money made out of it would be donated to charity. So, I really liked that about him.”

She further added that to shoot with her co-actor, Adhvik was a tricky experience, but when she saw the final product, she loved it. The actress also disclosed that she believes, when an actor takes an initiative like these, it shows that he has got that passion of making films. Rashami also narrates her experience of shooting with a phone camera for the first time, she said, “I did not feel like I’m shooting, I felt like this is one of those Instagram videos that I post. But when I wore the attire, he took almost 10 takes because he wanted it to be perfect. I really enjoyed working with him.”

Rashami also gave her views on shooting amid the threat of coronavirus lingering. The actress believes that even though it’s not easy and is about risking one’s life. Earlier, the actress along with her co-actors used to joke that someone might just enter her vanity and can kill her and no one would even find out. But later, everybody realised that this is not something they can make fun of and they started taking it seriously. Rashami also disclosed that she has been carrying her thermometer, oximeter, and a blood pressure machine. She also ensures to keep herself sanitized during the day. Because she believes that it’s not just about her, as she is also responsible for other people near her.

While on the topic of her role in Naagin 4, Rashami expressed her fears and said, “I hope the viewers like my character. It’s definitely not easy playing this role especially because Naagin is a huge franchise. Plus, the platform has a lot of actors, so if you’re suddenly making an entry you have to give your 1000%. The role is different from my previous ones because it’s not a goody-two-shoes character. So, as an actress, I’m enjoying this and I hope the audience does, too.”

Rashami ended the interview on a very positive note with a gratitude message for her fans. She said, “I feel more powerful after having my fans in my life and I just want to say that thank you so much for loving me. Keep showering your love and I hope that I can entertain you with all my heart and acting skills. So, I hope they support me and love me like this.”

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