Ranveer Singh’s mysterious exit from ‘Rakshas’ after 3 days shooting leaves producers fuming – Reports

Ranveer Singh has been making waves for abruptly leaving Prasanth Varma’s ‘Rakshas’. The actor had supposedly been filming for the film for three days.

Ranveer Singh reportedly irritated the directors of ‘Rakshas’ when he unexpectedly pulled out of the project. While a recent rumour said that Ranveer and director Prasanth Varma chose to split ways on the project due to creative differences, a source close to the makers now claims that the ‘Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’ star walked out of the film without explanation.

The insider told Times Now.com/Zoom that Ranveer “pursued” Prasanth for ‘Rakshas’ because the filmmaker had no plans to start shooting anytime soon. Prasanth was supposedly going to start another Telugu film after ‘Hanu-Man’, but he chose to put it on hold to work on ‘Rakshas’ after seeing Ranveer’s “enthusiasm.”


Commenting further on the reason behind the actor’s abrupt exit, the source said, “Ranveer flew down to shoot with us. Contrary to reports, he didn’t shoot a first-look video with us. He actually shot for the film for three days with us. We packed up happily… The next thing we know he sends us a message saying he would not be able to do the film. No explanation was offered as to why. We were stunned. Making it worse was the fact that someone leaked this news to the Mumbai media. We would have dealt with the crisis discreetly quietly. In Mumbai, they like to create controversy even for unprofessional behaviour. We don’t work that way.”

According to the report, someone advised Ranveer not to take up ‘Rakshas’. “If this is so, shouldn’t he have taken the advice earlier and spared us the losses and embarrassment?”

When asked about the financial losses resulting from Ranveer’s departure, the source stated, “Actually it is not going to be that much. This is the era of Artificial Intelligence. We plan to incorporate Ranveer’s three days of shooting into the film, that is, if he decides not to do our film at all. Yes, we are not blocking out discussions. We are leaving the option of his return open. But we want to ask Ranveer a question: Is this a joke? To opt out of a foolproof commitment?”