Rajpal Yadav changes his name after 22 years of Bollywood career

In an exclusive interview with E Times Arjun Rajpal has said that he has now added his father’s name to his and will be addressed as Rajpal Naurang Yadav.

Bollywood comic-actor actor has reportedly changed his name and added his father name with his.

Rajpal has now added his father’s name to his and will be called Rajpal Naurang Yadav. So, when questioned about what was the reason behind it? Rajpal said, “There is no specific reason. My father’s name has always been in my passport; it is just that now it will be seen on screen. Also, it only happened after Apoorva Vyas offered me a web series and a new film so I thought before Covid I was just Rajpal Yadav, and now that the whole world has turned into a small village let me use my full name. I don’t think anyone would’ve taken my father’s name so many times as it has been in the past few days and there is a similarity in the film ‘Father On Sale,’ that I am acting in which will reach to audience across the world”.

Speaking to ETimes about his opinion, the actor explained, “It is difficult to change your taste once you are used to getting universal applause from the audience. And that has been the case with me right from the time I participated in an elocution competition, plays and films. There was no bandish (limit) that this was meant only for adults or for kids. Honestly speaking, I was not comfortable mouthing cuss words for the sake of it”.

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