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R Madhavan opens up on his insecurities of being a father

R Madhavan recently spoke to Brut India and revealed his insecurities and his parenting mantra for his son Vedaant.

R Madhavan, the embodiment of talent and good looks, turned 52 today. He is a devoted father to his teenage son, Vedaant, in addition to being a well-known actor.
R Madhavan acknowledged his insecurities as a dad in an interview with Brut India. He said “I think, as a parent, we have as many insecurities and done as many things wrong or right as any other parent. It’s just that we sometimes have the freedom to make decisions that other normal middle-class families might not have. For example, having to up and just go to Dubai so that his training continues during his growth spurt. That was a privilege that I, as a non-middle-class guy can afford, not everybody else can.”

He went on to say that he and his wife, Sarita, had had no regrets about their decisions related to Vedaant so far. He said, “So far, we haven’t made any huge mistakes that we regret- is all I can tell you. How many of them prove right and how right and how, for how long is at the hand of almighty and providence. But the only thing that Sarita and I have got right and so far is that we make sure that the son is, the boy was engaged completely during his teenage times and didn’t have too much free time to himself, and doing things that he liked, things that we could control. So he hasn’t gone into too much trouble. I’m not saying that he won’t. I think. like I did, everybody will get into trouble. I just hope he has the wisdom to come to us and hopefully solve it before it becomes too big.”

For the uninformed, Vedaant is a professional swimmer who frequently makes his parents and India proud with his accomplishments on a worldwide scale.