Pranitaa Pandit talks about Rejections and Failures in Showbiz

Pranitaa Pandit: It’s important to have a life parallel to your career, otherwise you can get consumed by it.

Pranitaa Pandit thinks that there may be a ton of rivalry in showbiz however one requirements to have faith and patience to cruise through challenging times.

The Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki actress says, “You need to have faith and believe that if something is meant to be, then it will. What’s in our hands is to give every chance our best shot. If we start thinking and get into that loop of rejection then it plays on your mind. I keep telling myself that good things will happen.”


She adds, “I feel that an actor faces the maximum number of rejections in his work life. That makes us more strong and sensitive. Rejections and failures are inevitable. Showbiz is full of rejections as well as opportunities. We just have to be very mindful and keep going on. Every actor is hungry for substantial roles but a lot of times, things don’t work out in our favor. That doesn’t mean we give up. That’s when one realizes the importance of striking a balance between work and personal life. It’s important to have a life parallel to this career, otherwise, you can get consumed by it.”

“Who doesn’t want fame and money? You should chase it but there has to be a balance without getting carried away. I see some of my friends obsessed with their social media accounts. They are constantly working on their Instagram accounts because they feel that they will not get good work if they don’t have enough followers. People are going crazy over validation and getting attention. Sadly, we seek attention by baring it all, including our personal lives, on social media. A balance is a must and we should not mix our personal and professional lives,” she concludes.