Prakash Raj Calls Kashmir Files A “Nonsense” Film, Vivek Agnihotri responds

Bollywood and South Actor and Politician Prakash Raj is in the headlines for the past few weeks for his unfiltered opinion on ‘ Boycott Pathaan’ and his comments on The Kashmir Files. Recently a video of Prakash Raj is surfacing on the internet where he addressed the boycott gang as barking dogs who just bark and does not bite, he didn’t stop at this he continued and called Kashmir Files a ‘ nonsense’ film.  Prakash Raj has even mocked the claim of that the film has a chance of winning Oscar Award.

Kashmir Files directed by Vivek Agnihotri has been in news ever since it release in March last year. The movie is based on the lives of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to migrate from their hometown Kashmir in 90s. The movie was also in headlines because of controversial comments made on it by other filmmakers, like one of the filmmaker Nadav Lipid called Kashmir Files vulgar propaganda at a film festival in Goa. After the negative remarks of Prakash Raj on the movie, director Vivek Agnihotri responded to the comment saying the film has been giving Prakash Raj sleepless night and called him an Urban Naxal. Vivelk Agnihotri tweeted ” A small , people’s film#TheKashmirFiles has given sleepless nights to #UrbanNaxals so that one of their Pidi is troubled even after one year, calling its viewer’s barking dogs and Mr. Andhkaar Raj, how can I get Bhaskar, she/he is all yours Forever.” Vivek Agnihotri called Prakash Raj as Andhkaar Raj as Prakash means light and Andhkaar means darkness, which is the complete opposite of light.


This what Vivek Agnihotri has to say about Prakash Raj: