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Parineeti – Raghav’s Haldi Decor is what dream weddings are made of, Take a look

One of the most anticipated celebrity weddings of the year is the wedding of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha. Although it is said that the couple will marry tomorrow, their supporters are apparently in a state of excitement. Raghav and Pari have undoubtedly been setting some major couple goals lately.

The couple’s wedding is drawing closer by every second and will soon put an end to fans’ anticipation. Recently, Pinkvilla has shared some pictures of the decorations from Haldi ceremony.


Pinkvilla received photos of the decorations for the couple’s haldi ceremony exclusively, they made the venue appear incredibly spellbinding and like a delight to the eyes!Numerous white flower arrangements scattered over the area that the haldi decorations exude just as much beauty as our couple’s love.

The actress Parineeti Chopra and politician Raghav Chadha’s wedding, which has been the subject of the most anticipation this year. The wedding is knocking at the door as it’s tomorrow. Tomorrow’s a very special day for the couple and their families.

The couple’s wedding ceremony had tight security measures, according to earlier accounts. According to a report by IANS, 100 private guards will also be stationed at the wedding venue, and blue tapes would be applied to the phones of the wedding guests. India Today further reported that there will be a no-phone policy at the wedding to provide the maximum seclusion at the location.