Parineeti Chopra unveils her plan to be a female producer: ‘Female producers can think in a different way’

Actress Parineeti shares how female producers will mark a change in the industry.

In 2021, Parineeti had released three films and now she is packed up with her upcoming films. Parineeti is all set on following her passion as a producer, she disclosed her thought in her recent interview as she announces that she would love to watch her produce movies as an audience. She also uncovered her plans as a producer this year.

In an interview, Parineeti told, “I do want to produce, and I want to do that because I feel that many times there is a struggle for actresses to get the kind of budgets, stories or casting that they sometimes need for their project. Of course, that is understandable because right now, the kind of collections that these sorts of projects garner demand that they have to be made at a certain budget. I have wanted to create a name for myself as someone who can sell a film on my own name.” 

She further explained, “The process has started with films like Saina, Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar and The Girl On The Train, and that is the extension that I want to take into production. I think this year, I will definitely be thinking about it because I want to back content that is a little more out there and the kind of stuff that is not being made right now.” 

Parineeti amplified that many female producers are now bringing their own ordeals and opinion to the table. “At one point, the artistes and creators including producers, writers, lyricists, music directors and cinematographers were mostly men. Of course, they were very talented, but I think it is beautiful that now there are more female lyricists, writers, directors and producers… this is like an entirely new chapter of the workforce that has come into the industry. Obviously, it cannot be denied that amazing creativity will come out of it.” 

Putting in, “We will have such rounded, beautiful scripts because women will bring in their own experiences and perspective. Women can write from a different point of view, similarly, female producers can think in a different way than male producers. It’s great that women are now so beautifully included in an industry that was at one point male-dominated.” said Parineeti who will be next seen in Animal co-starring Ranbir Kapoor.

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