Neha Dhupia reacts on Sania Mirza’s retirement

Neha Dhupia is shocked by friend Sania Mirza’s retirement decision. While she also believes that Sania must have taken the decision after considering things.

Neha Dhupia and Sania Mirza are considered close friends. They have been supporting each other throughout hard times. They were also seen taking care of each other during their pregnancies.

Neha Dhupia expressed mixed feelings about Sania Mirza’s sudden retirement. She said, “You never lose your star players. I feel the biggest contribution Sania has made to Indian tennis and somebody who won Grand Slams, is also especially for women’s tennis and women in international sports. We cannot restrict her accolades to just tennis, she has inspired one too many.”


“When you see your friend and an international star making announcements like these, you do feel this way because of how much they have achieved,” Dhupia gets emotional.

“She has inspired us in so many ways, and I am so proud to call her my friend. Even at a personal level, I have seen so much I get inspired by. We don’t get to meet that often (due to the pandemic), but we had our first babies at the same time, my Mehr and her son, Izhaan. We were talking each other through it. Every step of the way, she has been a great athlete and a wonderful mom. I am happy we have her in our life,” Neha said.

She supported her by mentioning, “The decision which Sanya has taken is best suited for what she is going through right now, and she will never make any faulty choices, I know her.”