Neena Gupta opens up about her Instagram post on looking for ‘good parts to play’; Have a look

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Neena Gupta opened up about her second innings as an actor.

Neena Gupta’s second innings as an actor began with an Instagram post looking for “good parts to play.” Neena Gupta has gone from being known as an artsy actor to becoming a bankable star in recent years. But what drove her to take a chance and share a photo of herself looking for work? In an interview with, Neena Gupta discussed the viral 2017 tweet and what inspired her to return to work and re-enter the film industry through social media.

Neena explained that she was taking a break from work to enjoy her married life. She said, “I got married and I thought – ‘let me enjoy married life.’ I was working 24/7 before that and I had no time to enjoy myself, go to a beauty parlour or see a movie or meet people. So, I thought, ‘Chalo maine ab bohot kaam karliya hai (I have done enough work). Now, I have found a good guy. Now, I will enjoy my life and relax,’”

This phase, however, was brief since the actress felt she was losing respect as a housewife.  “But what happened was that I realised that jinke liye main ye sab kar rahi hun (the people I did everything for), they didn’t have time for me. People were always busy with their things. So, I realised that it is wrong and that I have to work because it is the most important thing in everybody’s life. I realised I needed to work. So, I put up that post. And Badhai Ho happened. And I was back,”

Speaking about her second innings as an actor, she said, “Yes, the opportunities are much better. Not good as the men but much better than before. Now, they are no more writing women’s roles as mothers who would say, ‘Khana khaale beta‘ or ‘Raat ko mat jao bahar.’ It is much more than that, which is very good.”


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