Nawazuddin Siddiqui to move his Kids to Dubai for their studies

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s kids – Shora and Yaani – are packing their bags to move to Dubai because of the cuurent Pandemic situation in India for their education.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s children – Shora and Yaani are packing their belongings. The two are planning to travel to Dubai with their mother, Aaliya, who has chosen to spend a considerable amount of time with them there. Reason? Shora (daughter) and Yaani (son) are dissatisfied with their online education and prefer to attend classrooms, which does not appear to be an option in the near future in India.

Confirming this, Aaliya elaborated, “Look, my children’s body language has changed. Online padhai woh nahin hoti jo aapko classroom mein milti hai (Online classes don’t impart the same education as a real classroom). They are likely to leave with me, sometime next month.”


Nawaz and Aaliya took the call together, and the children’s admissions were also taken care of. “Everything has been confirmed. My niece is there. And I have a fantastic caretaker. So it won’t be an issue if I come to India on and off for work or to see Nawaz.”

When asked how long they will be in Dubai, Aaliya says, “Let’s see. It might be for a longer period of time than we can now imagine. Let’s see how the COVID situation plays out. Moreover, we wanted them to travel abroad for higher education anyhow, so perhaps we will keep them in Dubai as long as they love it and take off from there when the time comes to take up further courses.”

Aaliya told ETimes in April that she was relieved to be reunited with Shora and Yani after spending many days at Nawaz’s farmhouse in Kasara after recovering from a Covid-19 infection. “We will be staying here since the Covid situation is quite terrible, and a partial lockdown has also been imposed,” she had stated. We have no intentions to leave anytime soon, and our children are also keeping up with their education through online classes.”