‘Mujhse Meri Nahi Sambhalti’: Shah Rukh Khan to a fan when asked for advise on ‘wife problems’

Amidst the flood of queries, one recurring theme emerged—advice on convincing partners to watch his upcoming movie, Jawan.

Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s King Khan, recently lit up Twitter (Now X) with his #AskSRK session. On Saturday, SRK’s virtual contact with followers evolved into a laugh riot as he connected with his fans in his signature captivating flair.

Among the torrent of questions, one repeating issue emerged: how to get partners to attend his upcoming film, Jawan.


In response to the cries for assistance, Shah Rukh Khan couldn’t help but show off his own cheeky humour. Admitting defeat as a relationship expert, he acknowledged that even he had difficulty persuading his wife, Gauri Khan.

In a witty retort to a fan’s plea for tips on timely movie plans, SRK wrote, “Ok guys no more wife problem-solving questions anymore!! Please!! Mujhse meri nahi sambhalti aur tum apni problems bhi mujhpe daal rahe ho!!!! All wives, please just go for #Jawan without stress.”


When a fan questioned about the mask Shah Rukh wore in Jawan, the conversation took another amusing turn. The star’s solution was brilliant: he vowed to recruit the services of his marketing staff to distribute the much-desired masks at the film’s cinema screenings.

Adding to the intrigue, when questioned about the trailer release date, SRK playfully replied, “Trailer nahi aayega toh picture nahi dekhoge kya??!! Trailer… trailer… trailer haha. Aajayega bhai saans toh Le lo….” Emphasizing the anticipation around the upcoming movie, he assured fans that the trailer would drop soon.


Jawan, directed by Atlee and starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi, is due to hit theatres on September 7th.