Mrunal Thakur all set to play the role of a cop in her upcoming film 'Gumraah' | Business Upturn

Mrunal Thakur all set to play the role of a cop in her upcoming film ‘Gumraah’

Mrunal Thakur spoke about her role as a cop in her upcoming film ‘Gumraah’ and said she had to go through a lot of prep to portray the role.

Mrunal Thakur, a Bollywood actress who transitioned from television to film, is scheduled to play a strong female cop in the upcoming thriller ‘Gumraah,’ for which she underwent rigorous physical training and even worked with athletes. Mrunal spoke about this and said, “For portraying the role of a committed cop, I had to go through extensive body training, from getting physically trained to maintaining the body structure while running with trained athletes.”

She even spent time with female cops to have a better understanding of their mentality and perspective. She said,  “I have tried everything to adapt to the essence of a cop. My preparation for the role also involved talking to and spending time with some female cops of our force in order to understand their world through a better lens.”

Gumraah is the official Hindi version of the hit Tamil film Thadam (2019). Mrunal will be seen looking into a murder case in which two lookalikes are the main suspects. The film’s second schedule, directed by Vardhan Ketkar, was recently completed last month. Meanwhile, she will appear in this film in a part in which her character will be pitted against Aditya’s. She admits that she is subverting a cliche by portraying the romantic interest in recent films like Toofaan and Jersey. The actress went on to say that in such films, the war has always been fought by men, but she is glad to be on the opposite side.

Mrunal Thakur can also be next seen in Sita Ramam directed by Hanu Ragavapudi. The actress will be sharing her screen space with, Dulquer Salman and Rashmika Mandanna. Filmmakers are eyeing the movie’s release by august 2020.