Mira Rajput opens up about battling severe hair fall : ‘Sounds like absolute quackery but…’

Mira Rajput opened up about battling severe hair fall a couple of months ago and how she dealt with it. Watch her share her hair fall remedies in her new video.

Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s wife, posted a new video on her YouTube channel about dealing with severe hair loss and the strategies she took to counteract it. She claimed that she was ‘so worried up’ that she started losing her hair.

“Round 6-7 months in the past, I confronted horrible hair fall. I’ve by no means had it earlier than, not on this method. In fact, I’ve had hair fall postpartum twice however by no means on this method. I used to be seeing seen thinning, temples starting to recede, clumps of hair falling. I used to be so scared to even brush my hair as a result of that’s the quantity of hair that was falling. I used to be simply scared to the touch my hair. That’s after I realised that one thing is improper and I have to do one thing about it,” she mentions.


Mira resolved to get to the bottom of the problem. She discusses telogen effluvium. It is a type of transient hair loss caused by stress, as well as her own physical and mental triggers. “I personally feel that it was the second jab combined with the stress of everything that was on my plate,” she said. The text on the screen reveals her worries ranged from Misha and Zain’s online school. She also thinks of the rapid spread of Covid-19. She also said ‘overtraining’ in the gym played a role.