LSD 2: Ekta Kapoor and Dibaker Banerjee reunite for a sequel after 11 years

Love Sex Aur Dhoka is getting a sequel. Ekta Kapoor and Dibaker Banerjee reunites after 11 years.

LSD (Love Sex Aur Dhoka) was released 11 years ago on March 19th. It was a phenomenal film known for its impeccable music and storytelling. Ekta Kapoor and Dibaker Banerjee have reunited to make a second part of the fabulous film.

Banerjee said that “LSD” was a moment of change in their lives, captured through the voice of technology that was changing our souls.

Ekta, when talking about LSD has described it as film. “LSD is best remembered for its riveting storytelling and innovative music. And what better day than today to announce the second part of one of our most loved and critically acclaimed films. Dibakar’s craft and storytelling prowess is superlative and I am thrilled to associate with him yet again.”

When talking about the expectations of the second part of LSD, Dibaker Banerjee said, “A decade later another wave of technology is changing the way we think, dream, live, love and hate. We are changing again into something we don’t quite know. LSD 2 will be a journey into those unknown depths. It won’t be a story for the family. It may be something we scare ourselves at night with.”

Directed by Dibakar Banerjee, “LSD 2” is produced by Ekta and Dibakar.

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