Kriti Sanon on Dilip Kumar’s funeral coverage: I was angry. It was horrible

Kriti Sanon expressed her anger on the paparazzi for being insensitive while covering Dilip Kumar’s funeral. She also made a ‘humble request’ not to cover celebrity funerals

Mimi actress Kriti Sanon slammed paparazzi for being insensitive while covering veteran actor Dilip Kumar’s funeral. She said that it made her angry to see paparazzi shouting and laughing while covering the funeral. The actress had also penned a ‘humble request’ to avoid covering celebrity funerals.

The actress told a leading daily, “I was angry when I saw those videos. It was horrible. Firstly, I don’t think there’s any need to cover funerals. That is a very personal thing. If tomorrow, you’re going through a loss, your family would not want it to flash everywhere. And why do people want to see that part of it, let it be private. And secondly, even if you are covering, why are you talking behind the camera, mute it. They were talking so badly, laughing about not getting the angle, shouting at each other to get aside. It was really bad to see that. It is very insensitive.”


She added, “I know that there’s demand for information constantly. But that doesn’t mean that we leave our sensitivity and our human side and just do anything and everything. So it made me very angry at that time, it was an impulsive post and I do stick by it. I don’t have any idea if any change will happen or has happened because of that or not. I just felt like voicing it and that’s what I did.”

After Dilip Kumar’s burial at Juhu Qabristan took place on July 7, the actress took her Instagram handle and shared a note. It read, “Is it necessary for media and paparazzi to cover someone’s funeral? A funeral is a very personal affair and the media should let people mourn in peace without a camera flashing in their faces! It’s disturbing to see videos of such a sensitive event with photographers talking casually in the background. I urge the media to please not cover funerals and give the family and closed ones their privacy. Would you like such a personal loss being flashed all over? Let’s change things a bit… Let’s put humanity before profession!”

Kriti Sanon’s Mimi got released on Mimi. She was seen in the role of a surrogate mother in the comedy-drama film.