Kareena Kapoor’s VIRAL video proves star kids are no match for Sushant Singh Rajput’s IQ, say fans

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has taken place the whole nation is in a shock. The actor’s suicide has created a debate on ‘Nepotism’ and ‘Insider vs outsider’. Recently a user on twitter has shared a video in which Sushant Singh Rajput is seen talking about his telescope and Saturn rings and on the other part of the video Kareena Kapoor Khan is seen answering on how she feels as India has sent its ‘Mangalyan’ to mars.

In the video, Kareena Kapoor Khan first doesn’t understand the question and asks the journalist to translate it in English for her. The reporter translates it in English but Kareena still doesn’t understand it properly and then her assistant explained it to her after which Kareena understood the question. Kareena responded it in a very casual manner saying ‘Mujhe bhi le chalo’ (I also want to go).

Mrs.Khan is being trolled a lot on twitter for her answer. Although Kareena has given many hit movies, she is also considered as the product of nepotism since she belongs to Bollywood’s most renowned family. Kareena herself has also been a very decent actress, but her response to the question of “Mangalyaan” didn’t amuse the social media users at all.

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