Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu co-star Navni Parihar says ‘never saw her misbehave with anyone’ on the sets

Since Kangana Ranaut came on to national televisiona nd brazenly spoke her mind and called Richa Chaddha and Swara Bhasker ‘needy outsiders’, there has been a storm of accusations that are being hurled on the Manikarnika actress.

Kangana has spoken brazenly about the Bollywood mafia, nepotism, Sushant SIngh Rajput’s death so on and so forth!

And now, old videos of the actress have been dug up and put out on social media. The ridiculing game began. While there were many who spoke against Kangana, there were just a handful who were in her favour.

Kangana was then accused of misbehaving with Swara Bhasker on the setsof Tanu Weds Manu. In a tweet, a user had alleged that it was after a shot by Swara that the director of the film praised her and this irked Kangana who then yelled at her.

However in an interview with Beyond Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu co-star, actress Navni Parihar only had good things to say about the Queen actress.

Parihar went on to reveal that she doesn’t recollect any such untoward incident on the sets of the film as has ben spoken about lately and that she just has fond memories about the time spent with the actress.

Navni Parihar has been quoted as saying, “Nothing like this happened in my presence.” She further went on to state that even if something of that sort happened si was not around to witness it, and at the same time she added, things like these do not go unnoticed on the sets. She added, “Usually, when such an incident happens, there are make-up artistes, spot boys, the crew who are quick to talk about it and the word spreads around the sets. I don’t recollect anyone mentioning about such an incident to me.”

She went on to furhter mention that Kangana was ver nice n the sets of the film, “She was very nice. I never saw her misbehave with anyone. Forget misbehaving, I never even saw her speak to anyone in a rude tone. Never any tantrums. She is a quiet worker, very focused and hard-working.”

She went on to reveal that Kangana was very sweet to her when they were on their Lucknow schedule and also reminisced about a gesture of the Panga actress that touched her when on the final day of the shoot she told Navni, “It was lovely working with you.”

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