Kangana Ranaut SLAMS Twitter users for running SMEAR CAMPAIGN against her

Kangana Ranaut posted a picture of herself enjoying a smoothie made by her but soon the Twitter users trolled her.

Kangana Ranaut has slammed the users who tried to spread a fake post of her image. On Thursday, 4th March, 2021, Kangana shared an image on her Twitter page. The  image was about a summer smoothie that she made by herself. But apparently some Twitter users believe that Kangana shared a fake image.

Further, multiple Twitter users said that the image has been downloaded from the internet, while some others wrote that the smoothie was made by some professional chef. Meanwhile the actress made sure to address this confusion, she took to her Twitter handle that all the Twitter users for taking away her credit. 

Kangana wrote, “Hahahaha can’t believe some people are mistaking this picture from my van this morning for some international professional chef’s famous blog, I knew I am good but sooo good like a professional…. seriously had no clue. Thrilled to know I am awesome at everything that I do.”

Later the actress Tweeted that this is a smear campaign that is being run by her haters. She also said that these users get paid naughty Rs 20  for posting something against her.  “There are paid smear campaigns happening on Instagram as well …. many derogatory memes and fake information about me being spread ,Instagram is also paid as my followers numbers automatically drop, fans who unfollow don’t even realise it. I know who is behind it,” wrote Kangana. 


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