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Kangana Ranaut reveals, ‘No architect is ready to take my case,’ due to BMC threats

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who’s Pali Hill house was demolished by BMC. The “Queen” Actress has won the case against BMC. 


One fine day on 9th September, 2020, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC) demolished Kangana’s Mumbai house. The actress called it an illegal move, she expressed that BMC was trying to remove personal grudges against her. Many people stood strong with Kangana which has now paid off. 

Kangana recently made a tweet in which she wrote, “I have won the case against ⁦@mybmc⁩ now I need to submit a file for compensation through an architect, no architect is ready to take my case they say they getting threats from ⁦@mybmc⁩ their license will get cancelled, It’s been six months since the illegal demolition.”


Meanwhile, a new problem has been raised. As per Court’s order, the actress now has to submit an estimate of the loss which BMC did, for which an Architect is required. But apparently none of the architects are ready to take Kangana’s case. She says that BMC is threatening architects of canceling their licence if they take her case. 

Further Kangana revealed that the court has appointed an evaluator to summaries the damage caused in her house. But as per he tweet the evaluator isn’t cooperating with the actress. She blames this too on BMC. Kangana wrote, “Court had asked the BMC evaluator to visit the site, but he did not take our calls after many months and continuous chase he visited last week but no response after that. This is for everyone who is asking why don’t I fix my house, rains are around the corner, I too worry about it.”