Kangana Ranaut on Sushant Singh Rajput case: People are only bothered about personal gains


Being brutally honest about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Kangana Ranaut has been receiving a lot many applauses as well as criticism from the B-Town industry.

After an interview with Pinkvilla on her takes about “Movie Mafia” and “Suicide Gang” of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut has been constantly in news seen putting forward her views on Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. The Manikarnika director/actress once again fuelled debates over nepotism and favouritism in the Bollywood Industry, which has been subject to backlashes and praises at the same time.
This debate might not be new, nonetheless has reached its peak. Kangana bluntly talked about bullying and demoralising outsiders.

Actor and TV host Simi Garewal recently took to Social Media to express her pride in Kangana for being braver and bolder. On the other spectrum, Bollywood celebs like Tapsee Pannu, Swara Bhaskar shared their reactions on social media after Kangana took a shot at them during one of her interviews for underplaying nepotism.
Rebutting the satirical comments and jibes by the fellow actors, Kangana said, “It is so sad. I do not know what to say because I have been in their place. People who come from outside, I have said it in my earlier interviews as well, we [outsiders] do not have the comfort of our parents’ houses. I am not Anil Kapoor or Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. Or when you talk about Swara Bhaskar, Taapsee Pannu or Richa Chadda, I understand they have bills to pay for their house; everybody is not and doesn’t want to live the kind of life I aspire. So, I do understand where they’re coming from and there are a lot of pressures. People are very bothered about their own personal gains.”

She is also seen slashing down the allegations thrown on her. She said, “What will I gain? I will not gain films for sure. I will not gain brand endorsements. I will not gain any money. The only thing I will gain is more enemies. So, while I understand that others may not have my inclination to gain enemies, what I expect from them is just to give respect to other people’s struggle.”

“Taapsee said I’ve had weird experiences in life. I have had weird experiences in life. I’m a weirdo? They say I’m an extremist and jobless person. Swara said that my claims of nepotism are fake. Richa says that people are not giving positive vibrations to the universe. Yes, of course, right now the last thing I want to give out is positive vibrations to the universe when we have lost the life of a very significant person. He wasn’t just another life. We don’t feel very positive about things around. It’s true! But to completely disregard my struggles, is another thing,” she adds.

Kangana claims that she is still facing negative comments and believes Sushant faced the same issue, being an outsider in the industry.“It’s out there for people to see the kinds of media reports and the cases put on me. Even the interview that Karan Johar gave in London, is there for everyone to see. You cannot turn a blind eye and state I haven’t been through this. What did they do to Sushant? Sushant is on record stating Bollywood will kick him out. You cannot just claim it was his schizophrenia,” says Kangana.

“Sameer Soni went on TV and said that Sushant was a Bipolar patient. Sushant’s psychiatrist never said it. They are making fake claims for some petty gains. I have nothing against that. I do understand that people have families to take care of, people have their own personal ambitions. But just simply don’t disregard or discredit another person’s struggle,” adds the actress.She encouraged people to identify the pure talent of people, ” “With folded hands that’s my only request to people who are struggling in the film industry; please let us be. Not everyone is Kangana Ranaut or Sushant Singh Rajput but there are people like us in the industry. Every outsider is not the same.”

She concludes by saying, “Their struggles and personalities are not the same. So, there is no point in comparing struggles. I’m only talking about Sushant and myself. Please stop having this big aandolan [protest] against me just because you are not side-lined. You might not be but there are other people who have been. Let’s agree to disagree! Otherwise, again the movement against nepotism will have no impact. Failure of such a huge movement will lead to more despair in people who are in similar situations like Sushant was — and what I am still going through. Please understand that people are still fighting for their lives and survival. Be kind and please let them be.”