Kangana Ranaut claims to return her Padma Shri if she is unable to prove her statements regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s death

Kangana Ranaut declares she will return her Padma Shri, if she unables to prove her statement she made regarding Sushant’s suicide case.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has raised several questions and stirred controversies amongst the B-Town industry for nepotism, favouritism and acknowledgement of “only” star kids. Many actors and musicians spoke about this issue, but actor Kangana Ranaut questioned the Bollywood gang as to ask why they did not acknowledge and praise the talent of deceased actor’s work, through her Instagram video. While being on an interview with Republic TV, she also mentioned returning her Padma Shri award if she is unable to prove her statements when it comes to the investigation leading to the actor’s death.
In the interview, she mentioned that she did ask the officer in charge of the actor’s case to record her statement. Since she is in Manali, she asked them to send someone to do the needful, however, she has received nothing so far. She said, “They summoned me, and I asked them too, that I’m in Manali, that you can send somebody to take my statement, but I have not received anything after that. I am telling you, if I have said anything, which I can’t testify, which I can’t prove, and which is not in the public domain, I will return my Padma Shri.”
She went on to say, “I don’t deserve it. I am not that person who will go on record (to make such statements), and everything that I have said is in the public domain.”
Throwing direct hits at B-Town, she also questioned Mumbai Police for not questioning four individuals, namely, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt and critic Rajeev Masand.