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Kangana Rananut’s petition against BMC reserved by Bombay High Court

Kangana Ranaut has filed a petition against BCM asking for Rs 2 Crore for damages done during the demolition of her office.


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) demolished a part of Kangana Ranaut‘s office in Mumbai, alleging that it was an illegal construction. The office was located in Pali Hill at Bandra. As soon as the Bombay High Court issued a stay order on the demolition process, the ‘Queen’ actress has filed a petition against the BMC seeking Rs 2 Crore in damages. The actress also said that she doesn’t feel safe in the city anymore and also compared it to the PoK. However, it has been reported that the Bombay High Court has reserved the petition filed by her.

As per the latest reports, a hearing was conducted after the filing of written submissions from the parties, i.e. the actress and BMC. The petition was reserved after the hearing. ANI has also confirmed this in their latest tweet which reads “Kangana Ranaut property demolition matter: Bombay High Court reserves the order in the matter. The court was informed that all concerned parties have filed their written submissions. Following this, it concluded the hearing and reserved the order.”

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Kangana Ranaut also alleged that BMC has threatened her neighbours in Pali Hill and has said that they’ll demolish their properties as well if the neighbours decide to support her in any manner. Her tweet read, “Today @mybmc has served notices to all my neighbors, @mybmc had threatened them to socially isolate me, they were told if they supported me they would break their houses as well. My neighbors have not said anything against Maharashtra government please spare their houses.”

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