Kamal R Khan stands in support of Ananya Panday; tags Kangana Ranaut's taunts on the latter as 'unfair' | Business Upturn

Kamal R Khan stands in support of Ananya Panday; tags Kangana Ranaut’s taunts on the latter as ‘unfair’

KRK nods approvingly at Ananya Panday before remarking that Kangana Ranaut taunting her on a broadcast show is ‘unfair.’


Ananya Panday found unanticipated support in Kamal R Khan, but not without the director joking merrily at her expense.

Kangana Ranaut, an actress, isn’t afraid to voice her thoughts. She’s been on a tear lately, gushing about the indirect support she’s received from Bollywood superstars for her upcoming film Dhaakad. Many celebrities applauded the trailer for her film, but did not do so publicly, according with actress. She also expressed her concern to Salman Khan, who praised Kangana Ranaut after sharing the second teaser of Dhaakad on his social media. This isn’t to say that the actress has stopped criticising the industry.

Ananya Panday has garnered harsh criticism from Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. However, the young actress seemed to have found support in Kamal R Khan, who did not hesitate to laugh uproariously at her before proclaiming his support.


During Kangana Ranaut’s most courtesy visit on Kapil Sharma’s chat show, she made a jab at Ananya Panday. The actress evolved on the comedy web show her film ‘Dhaakad,’ when the host asked her what ‘Bolly-bimbo’ film.

Kangana purportedly took a shot at Ananya by caressing her nose with her tongue in response. “Bolly-bimbo woh hote haina jo kehte hain,” she resumed, “I can touch my tongue to my nose.”