Jonathan Majors accused of strangling ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari in new bombshell lawsuit

Jonathan Majors is accused of strangling his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari in new bombshell lawsuit.

On Tuesday, the professional dancer filed the lawsuit in New York’s Southern District, claiming assault, defamation and battery – as she gave more examples of how her ex allegedly abused her throughout the two years of their relationship from August 2021 to early 2023, as per the documents obtained by Rolling Stone.


Grace cited an allegedly brutal fight on the night of September 20, 2022, claiming that she had suffered a head injury as the Marvel star had gotten physically aggressive post her night out with a friend.

As per the documents, the former couple were stationed in London, when Jonathan allegedly slammed Grace on the hood of a car.

As the alleged victim began shouting for help, the documents revealed, “Majors then forcefully grabbed Grace, placing her in a headlock and put his hand over her mouth to prevent someone from hearing her cries for help.”

The documents added that Jonathan forcefully brought Grace inside their apartment where he repeatedly slammed his head on the marble floor and strangled her up to such a point, where she felt she could no longer breath.

The actor reportedly left her unable to a move with a constant ringing headache, and moreover warned her of visiting the hospital.