Johnny Depp loses Court case against newspaper who called him ‘WIFE-BEATER’

Hollywood star Johnny Depp lost a libel court case against ex-wife Amber Heard and newspaper The Sun, who called him a Wife-Beater.

Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp lost the defamation case that he filed against his ex-wife Amber Heard and newspaper The Sun. Johnny and Amber had separated on a nasty note, after throwing nasty allegations against each other. After reports surfaced of Johnny beating Amber Heard, The Sun newspaper called him a ‘Wife-Beater’ in their headline. Depp had sued the publication for printing the article in April 2018.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the London High Court ruled out Pirates of Caribbean Sea actor is indeed a wife-beater after Amber’s allegations that he hit 14 times during their abusive relationship. The report even claimed that Amber Heard had disclosed the details of the 14 occasions when Depp had assaulted her. She even provided graphic details of his drugs and drink-fuelled attacks.


The judge accepted that 12 of the 14 occasions actually happened and dismissed any charges made by Depp’s legal team that it was all “a constructed hoax” by Heard.

Judge Nicol who gave the decision, said that the defendants had proved that what they said was “substantially true” during the trial in London. Depp’s lawyers said they would appeal the decision.

The long-awaited decision was published on Monday morning (2nd November), more than three months after the high court hearing in late July.



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