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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ cancels episode, Hollywood Writers to start a strike – Get details now

On Monday, the Writers’ Guild of America officially started a strike due to the failure in reaching to an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers when the WGA’s ongoing contract expired recently.

As a result, many late-night shows including “Saturday Night Live” with Jimmy Kimmel and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” will not telecast any new episodes but instead will air the repeat episode on Tuesday, until further notice.

Jimmy Fallon, who is the host of “The Tonight Show”, and Seth Meyers, who presents the NCB’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, have stated that they would honour the strike and not telecast any new episodes.

Because plenty of the WGA members are planning to start the strike on Tuesday afternoon, this can lead to the possible shutdown of production on many television shows causing a domino effect, which further results in a complete close-down of the shows, as they completely depend on their writers for Dialogues, Monologues, scripts and celebrity interview questions.

Stephen Colbert expressed his support for the writers, and commented that he hopes that the strike could end as soon as possible without any hardships, “I Also Think that the writer’s demands are not unreasonable.”