Huma Qureshi expresses her gratitude, says “I’m grateful about the more relevant work that I’ve been able to do”

The entertainment business is making little strides toward routine, while actress Huma Qureshi cautions against broadcasting caution to the world.

Amid the epidemic, the entertainment industry is taking small steps toward normalcy, although star Huma Qureshi warns about tossing precaution to the world. The actor, who has been out and about for her filming commitments, believes that while living at home for an extended amount of time is not an option, being cautious is what we can do is, concentrate on while away from our homes.

During the interview with the news portal, Hindustan Times Huma says, “Of course we’ve to go out, work and make a living. But one has to do it responsibly and respectfully maintaining our safety and the safety of others at the optimum. I’ve been working throughout this pandemic, and I understand the importance of that. I know it’s very frustrating because we thrive on social interactions, but one has to do that responsibly”


Huma feels pleased that, in addition to her work, she has come up to assist those in need.

She further says, “I’m grateful about the more relevant work that I’ve been able to do. That gives me a lot of satisfaction. It has been a difficult two years but it’s not over yet. So, one has to try and see how one can make a difference. But that has also given me inner resolve to put my head down and work and not focus on any kind of negativity. I’ve just become a lot quieter and I like that. It has given me a lot of time for self reflection, so that’s a good thing.”

Although the epidemic and the halt in production, Huma has had a fantastic year so far: her Hollywood premiere, Army of the Dead, was launched, and her online series, Maharani, earned a lot of praise.

She concluded her statement by talking about her upcoming birthday. “It’ll be a quiet birthday. I’m in the middle of shooting a couple of things, so I don’t think it’ll be a big one, just will be spending it with friends and family. These are difficult times, but we still have a lot to be grateful for and thankful for. So, I’m counting my blessings to be safe, healthy and happy and have my loved ones around me. I’m looking at the larger picture but also smaller joys of life”.