‘He walks with me forever’: Vishal Dadlani after cremating his father Shri Moti Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani shared a post over Instagram where he pays tribute to his late father.

Singer Vishal Dadlani shared an overwhelming post on Instagram. Shri Moti Dadlani, father of Vishal Dadlani passed away last week. His mother, sister and nieces cremated him.

Earlier, Vishal Dadlani shared how it was difficult for him to take care of his family in the hard times, since he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He posted a cute pictures of his with a dog. The post read, “My Mother, Sister, nieces and I cremated my Father today. He now walks with me forever, as this ache in my chest. Not a day will pass without my saying “Love you, Dad.” and hearing his voice reply “Love you, betu.”

He continued, “I’ll never be with him again, but I’ll never be without him either. Just hoping I can prove worthy of him. He really was the sweetest, kindest, humblest, hardest-working and most loving man. (Shri Moti Dadlani, 12 May 1942 – 8 Jan 2022.)”

Before this, he also shared the post to give this news to his fans and followers. It read, “Lost my best friend, the nicest and kindest man on earth, last night. I couldn’t have asked for a better Father, or a better person to be my teacher for life. Anything good in me is just a pale reflection of him. He was in ICU for the last 3/4 days (due to a gall bladder surgery that went bad) but I couldn’t go from yesterday on because I tested positive for Covid. I can’t even go hold my Mother in her most difficult time. It’s really not fair.”




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