‘Harming him won’t bring blackbuck back’ Salman Khan’s ex Somy Ali requests Bishnoi community not attack the actor

Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend, has come out in support of the actor and offered her prayers for him.

Salman Khan’s latest fire inside and outside his residence made headlines and scared everyone. Fans and family members were likewise concerned about the actor and offered their support. However, the accused have been apprehended, and Salman’s security has been reinforced.

Somy Ali, his ex-girlfriend, has now expressed her support for the actor and said she will pray for him. Her relationship with Salman began in the 1990s, and after she moved to the United States, the two split ways. When asked about the incident, Somy said, “I won’t wish upon my enemy what he has been through. All said and done, no one deserves what he went through. My prayers are with him. No matter what has happened, let bygones be bygones. I would never ever wish something like that to happen to anyone, be it Salman, Shah Rukh, or my neighbour.”


Some added, “Everyone is image-conscious, be it you, me, Salman, Shah Rukh, or anybody. So, he did whatever he felt was right on his part. But currently, my focus is on what he is going through. Nobody deserves what he is experiencing right now.”

She is concerned about Salman, but she also stated that she does not favour hunting as a sport. The beauty persuaded the Bishnoi tribe’s leader to forget it and go forward.

“Taking someone’s life is not acceptable, be it Salman or an average common man. If you want justice, you should move to the court. I want to appeal to the Bishnoi community that harming Salman Khan will not bring back the blackbuck. Whatever happened to me cannot be changed; let bygones be bygones. I have made peace with myself. My life is completely dedicated to No More Tears now,” Somy Ali concluded.

Meanwhile, Salman will work on Sikander alongside Rashmika Mandanna, which will be released on Eid 2025.