Gauahar Khan seems disappointed in Paparazzi; reacts, ‘Guys, seriously?’

Group of Paparazzi’s were eager to click Gauahar’s photographs when she was strolling at a marketplace in Mumbai.


In an overture to click the picture of Gauhar Khan Paparazzi knocked off some mannequins outside a clothing shop, By seeing this kind of behaviour Gauahar was unsettled.

Gauhar was dressed in a casual white shirt and yellow shorts, in the mids of clicking photography, Gauahar facepalmed and scolded them while mumbling, “Guys, seriously?!” but few paparazzi fellows continued clicking her photos.  Not liking their behaviour she inquired them to pick up the mannequins. “Abhi koi uthaega use (Will someone pick it up now?),” she asked. “I don’t know why you are all doing this,” she said and went to her car.

Watching the video of the incident that happened with Gauahar Khan people reacted to the video and a few of them commented their opinions, “Somebody at least says Sorry to the shopkeepers,” wrote a person. Another recollected a hilarious line from Welcome: “Pootle be Like Hamaari Kya Ghalti Thi, Humey Kyun Toda (Mannequins be like: What was our fault? What did you break us)?”

All eyes are on Gauahar Khan as she is trending on social media nowadays because of the recent event that happened in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The video, shared by a paparazzo account on Instagram, urged a response from Gauahar, who called the woman a ‘loser’, criticizing her for her behaviour. She also asked for the details of the fruit seller to be shared with her, saying she wants to offer financial help.

“What a high-headed loser. Shame on her. Please help me with any info on the fruit vendor, I’d like to buy his entire cart for him, and she caused a loss too. Name her and shame her.”