Former Rajya Sabha MP and NCP leader Majeed Memon says “Sushant is getting more attention than PM Modi”

Former Rajya Sabha MP and NCP leader, Majeed Memon asserted that Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is getting more coverage in the media than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Every social media site is having an ongoing conversation around Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Former Rajya Sabha MP and NCP leader Majeed Memon gave his remark on Wednesday which started another conversation. In a couple of tweets that the media is covering his story and is occupying media’s space more than even PM Narendra Modi.

His tweet said “Sushant was not as famous during his lifetime as he is after his death. The space in media that he is occupying nowadays is perhaps more than our PM or President of US!”


In another statement, he said that when there is an investigation regarding a crime, secrecy has to be maintained. He tweeted “Publicising every development in the process of collecting vital evidence adversely affects the interest of truth and justice.”

Speaking against Memon, BJP’s national media panellist Tuhin Sinha said, “It seems that Majeed Memon, the lawyer of Yakub Memon and many others accused in 1993 bomb blasts has a pathological hatred for self-made, law-abiding Indians who lived an honest life.”

On Twitter, many fans trolled Memon for his comments and asked him if he had ever seen Sushant’s films.
Soon after, the NCP distanced itself and said it was Memon’s personal opinion and not any statement. The party’s Mumbai unit chief, Nawab Malik said “The statement made by Majeed Memon on twitter is his personal opinion and not of the NCP. Our party does not endorse or support his statement in any form or manner.”

Within an hour Memon soon clarified that people should not misquote him. He said that he did not mean to belittle or insult anyone. He tweeted “There is so much noise on my tweet on Sushant. Does it mean that Sushant was not popular during his lifetime or that he should not get justice? Certainly not.”