[Exclusive]: Pratik Gandhi on comparison of Harshad Mehta with Abishek Bachchan in Big bull

Pratik Gandhi recently spoke about his life after Scam 1992, his relation with Ranveer Brar and comparison of Scam 1992 with Abhishek bachchan’s Big bull.


Actor Pratik Gandhi, who gained national recognition and glowing reviews for his role of Harshad Mehta in the web series Scam 1992, has said that all the appreciation he recieved is for the character Harshad Mehta and not for him.

While Pratik’s online series focuses on the scam in which Harshad Mehta was involved, The Big Bull focuses on his “rags to riches” story. However, comparisons arose as soon as people learned about the similar storyline.

While speaking with BusinessUpturn Digihunt, Pratik Gandhi talked about the comparison and appreciation that he recieved.

He said,”Managing such type of fans and appreciation is not so easy but my experience and theater prepared me for it. I take it as a pinch of salt because all the love and appreciation is for the character(referring to Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992) and I am not supposed to take it home with me. I don’t like puttting an extra burden upon me. I believe we should take it with utmost humility.”

Earlier Pratik said that comparing Big Bull with Scam 1992 would be ‘unfair’.

Meanwhile, Pratik has completed filming for his upcoming Bollywood film, Atithi Bhooto Bhava, in which he co-stars with Jackie Shroff and Sharmin Segal.

The dapper star who was a guest on the show You Got Chef’d was seen exploring his culinary skills along with the show host Ranveer Brar.

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