Doglapan by Ashneer Grover includes a chapter titled "How Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced" | Business Upturn

Doglapan by Ashneer Grover includes a chapter titled “How Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced”

Former Shark Tank India member, remembered tales involving Bollywood celebrities in his recently published book Doglapan. One of them talked about how his marriage had become strained because of Kiara Advani.


Ex-Shark Tank Ashneer Grover, a well-known Indian figure, has hinted at a tale of how a Bollywood actress nearly caused him to “divorce” himself in interviews for his most recent book, Doglapan, but he has refrained from going into further detail or even naming the actor. People will need to read his book to learn that, he claimed.

As promised, Doglapan contains a chapter titled “When Kiara Advani Almost Got Me Divorced,” which is consistent with the newsworthy actions that made Ashneer a Shark Tank fan favourite. Ashneer remembers meeting a friend of a fellow founder at his workplace in the chapter. He claimed that he and his wife Madhuri asked the acquaintance whether he was getting married soon during a casual talk. The companion retorted, “Kisi movie star se baat chal rahi hai (Talks are going on with a movie star)”

Further investigation led Ashneer to the conclusion that his acquaintance had hired a “Seema Aunty kind of matchmaker who specialised in Bollywood connections.” When I asked him about his alternative options, Ashneer said, “He suggested Kiara Advani as an eligible match.”

Ashneer joked, “Aap ko pata nahi hai market mein aaj kal kya chal raha hai,” remembering what his mother had just told him about growing too large for his shoes. You don’t know what’s going on in the market right now, Kiara Advani says in her song “Aaj ke din shaadi ho rahi hoti.” I might wed Kiara Advani if I were to get married right now.

“When Madhuri heard this, her countenance sank; she did not at all find the dialogue amusing. We were scheduled to leave for Mumbai that evening for the shoot, and I noticed a sudden change in her body language, Ashneer continued. Madhuri sat silently and wouldn’t talk to me on the plane until they brought her food and I badgered her to eat it. It was as if a dam had suddenly burst. She roared, starting to remove her jewellery, “Tumhe Kiara Advani se shaadi karni hai (You want to marry Kiara Advani)!”” Ashneer was “was caught off surprise,” and his wife “blasted” him for the next 30 minutes about how he was a nobody when they got married and that he agreed to do Shark Tank only because she advised him to do so. “Throughout her outburst, I sat with my hands outstretched, clutching the jewellery that she had rudely dropped on me. He continued, saying that he told the story to his fellow “sharks” later, which gave them material to pull his leg. “From the corner of my eye, I could see an old gentleman who had his headphones on to watch a Netflix movie take them off to listen in on the live movie playing out on the aircraft,” he said.

After Shark Tank India season one was a hit, Ashneer became well-known, however he did not appear in the newly released second season for unknown reasons. In a recent interview, he said that he “controlled” the programme and that doing so any longer would be inappropriate. Meanwhile, there are rumours that Kiara and her long-time partner Sidharth Malhotra will soon get married.