Do you know Shweta Tripathi decided to play ‘Golu’ after reading the first two episodes of Mirzapur?

Recently Bollywood actress Shweta Tripathi spilled the beans on how she agreed to play ‘Golu’ in Mirzapur.

Mirzapur was first premiered on 16 November 2018, on online streaming giant Amazon Prime Video. No one ever expected that the series would become so popular that after binge-watching the first season, fans would be trending hashtags of Mirzapur for two years until the second season arrived on 23rd October 2020.

The show was praised for exceptional writing and power-packed performance. One of the key characters of the show was ‘Golu’, played by Shweta Tripathi. Golu was the sister of Sweety who takes revenge for her sister’s death in the second season.

But even she was not sure of Mirzpur’s paramount success as it is now. But to surprise, Shweta Tripathi agreed to play the character after reading the first two episodes of the series.

While speaking to IANS, Shweta said, “Something that has drawn me to the kind of projects I do is the story. I don’t see what the medium is or the platform. If the story attracts me….for example, I said yes to a show, they don’t have a platform yet but I know that this is a story that I want to be a part of. Even ‘Mirzapur’, when I read the first two episodes I knew I wanted to be a part of this world because the writing was brilliant.”

When Mirzapur started receiving praise from critics and almost turned into a phenomenon, she was shocked. Talking about that experience she said, “I didn’t know that ‘Mirzapur’ will become the success that it has become but as an artiste your gut and instinct are very important. So, that’s how I choose. It is always quality. What will you do with the quantity?”

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