Director Rumy Jafry interrogated for 4 hours, 'I spoke truthfully about what I knew' | Business Upturn

Director Rumy Jafry interrogated for 4 hours, ‘I spoke truthfully about what I knew’

On Thursday, filmmaker Rumy Jafry was summoned at the Bandra Police Station by the Mumbai Police to record his statement in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. It has been reported that Rumy was in contact with Sushant and Rhea Chakraborty to cast them together in a romcom.

Rumy Jafry openly gave out details about his questioning with the Police. In an interview with TOI, he revealed, “I went there at 3pm and left at 7pm. It took a long time because they questioned me about everything in detail. From the romcom I was planning with Sushant to his mental health, the police questioned me about everything. I had all details and dates in place about the first time that I met Sushant, when and where we had the narration of the script and more such information. They asked me everything — how the project was planned, who was producing it, how many times we met and discussed the project and whether the meetings happened at my home or at Sushant’s place. I was also asked about his mental health. I spoke truthfully about whatever I knew. I expected I’d be called anytime as I was doing a film with him. Agar sab theek hota toh yeh film floor pe hoti. I am happy that the police is doing a thorough investigation.”

Earlier also Rumy had openly mentioned about Sushant, soon after his death. He said, “Sushant was gung-ho about the project. He was excited and kept telling me to begin workshops and rehearsals soon.” 

Rumy also confessed that he was aware of Sushant’s mental health. He had confessed, “Yes, he did tell me about it. And that’s why, while talking to him, whenever I felt he was feeling low, I’d invite him to my place or I’d go over to his. He was an intelligent man. Main unki kaafi taareef karta tha, unke kaam ko leke. I’d never ask him what was making him depressed, fearing that he might sink in deeper thinking and talking about it.”