Deepika Padukone rates Ranveer Singh’s singing skills 2 out of 10

In a fun interview, Deepika Padukone mentioned about his upcoming films Pathan and Gehraiyaan.

Deepika Padukone in a fun rapid fire gave some sneak peak to his and Ranveer Singh’s relationship. Deepika Padukone loves to share screen space with Ranveer Singh and always has a fun time spending time with him. But there’s one thing Deepika hates about Ranveer and that is his singing skills. When asked to rate, she rated Ranveer’s singing skills 2 out of 10.

Whereas she also appreciated Ranveer’s rapping skills, which is “fantastic” and mentioned how rapping is different from singing. Talking about her singing skills, she said, “Though my husband will say 10 on 10, maybe 6 or 7.”

Deepika Padukone will now be seen in Pathan sharing screen space with Shah Rukh Khan. Deepika and Shah Rukh have earlier worked together in Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year and  Chennai Express. When asked about what made her sign the film Pathan, the actor without any hesitation said, “The script.” Pathan also stars John Ibrahim in pivotal role.

Other than Pathan, Deepika is looking forward to Gehraaiyan to be released on February 11 on Amazon Prime Video. “I think, for me, this character is a lot more raw and a lot more real than some of the other characters that I have played. Emotionally, it is completely stripped and naked in that sense, and completely vulnerable. I think to be able to do that on screen, it has to come from a very deep place. It is not to say that I haven’t experienced that before. But, not to this extent, where I have to really dig deep and go to the places that aren’t really that pleasant, and are not really pleasant experiences from my own life, as well as dealing with mental health issues,” she said at the trailer launch.

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