Cyclone Nisarga: Akshay Kumar shares necessary precaution measures

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has always advised people to take precautions at the Coronavirus times, he is one of those in the industry who is taking steps to make Mumbai a better place to live at the times of pandemic.

While being quarantined, he is uploading videos on Instagram to educate people about the things happening in the country. One such video he posted last night where he can be seen advising people to take necessary precautions.

In the video, the actor can be seen saying, “First of all, please don’t step out of your homes. Don’t venture near the sea beach. If you are out, please take shelter in a safe place. Don’t stand under a tree or a weak building. Please turn off all sources of gas and electricity in your home if not required. If there are any loose items, like a flower pot in the balcony, please tie them up or, better, bring them inside. Please keep candles, torch, and food items handy. If you need help, please call 1916 and ask BMC for help.”

“Please follow these precautions and don’t pay heed to rumours. Please don’t forward any random message without verifying information. Most importantly, don’t be scared. Let’s fight it bravely. This too shall pass,” the actor concluded.

While posting the video, he captioned, “The much-awaited Mumbai rains are here but this year we have an uninvited guest, #CycloneNisarga! In case it does hit us, here are some precautions shared by MyBmc, we will get through this as well. Praying for everyone’s well-being.”

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