‘COVID-19 hasn’t affected my mental health’ says Qurbaan Hua actor Rajveer Singh after testing positive for COVID-19

Recently, a lot of celebrities have been tested positive for COVID-19 and out of them one such actor is Rajveer Singh who is playing male lead in an Indian Tv series ‘Qurbaan Hua’. He has been tested positive on 31st March 2021 and has been in quarantine ever since.

While giving an interview to pinkvilla the actor revealed how his recovery period has been. Rajveer said, “Actually, I caught the virus on the 31st of March, that is when I tested positive and I immediately isolated myself. Only my producer, my team, and my set people knew about it. I did not want to scare my fans or well-wishers and I chose not to reveal about my positive report then.”

“I am very fit that way and follow a strict vegetarian diet but look even I am in the highly contagious category of the virus. So there is no parameter that if you are healthy and fit, the virus won’t attack or affect you. Everybody has to take care of your own selves and take all kind of precautions,” the actor continued.

It is assumed that with physical health Covid impacts your mental health as well. Talking about the same the actor revealed that it didn’t affect his mental health because being from a Jatt family they are taught to be mentally tough since childhood.” Honestly, I am from a Jatt family from Haryana. We are brought up in such a way where we are taught to deal with the situation and face it strongly rather than letting it affect our mental health. We are taught that whatever issues arise in life, we need to move on. So COVID-19 hasn’t affected my mental health thankfully. I am taking all the precautions and measures and following what my doctor is advising. We all are in the same boat in this pandemic,” Rajveer said.

The actor said that he has no clue from where he caught the virus but he is now taking proper medications and even if he tests negative he will continue to talk to his doctor for the proper recovery.

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