“Couldn’t be real” : Afghan film director, Shahrbanoo Sadat on seeing Taliban troops in Kabul

Afghan filmmaker, Shahrbanoo Sadat was among the lucky ones to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban gained control over the capital, Kabul.

Since the Taliban captured the capital city of Afghanistan on, Kabul things have gone berserk. The terrorist group Taliban gained control over Kabul on 15th August 2021 after the former Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Situations have gone worse with every single day. Several videos surfaced online of rush and chaos all over the Kabul Airport as people went to catch any flight to flee Afghanistan. This resulted in a stampede where some of them even lost their lives.

Not only common people but also Afghan celebrities left the country to save them from the havoc which the Taliban would cause. One of them was Afghan Filmmaker, Shahrbanoo Sadat who left for Dubai with her family along with a group of French people. She revealed the scenes which left her in shock when she witnessed the Taliban entering Kabul. She described, “we saw Taliban cars with white flags … and … we’re running,” Sadat told Reuters in an interview. “And that was for me like a moment of a movie that couldn’t be real because I was in the middle of Kabul.”


Talking about the fear and chaos at the Kabul airport she said,  “(The Taliban) wanted to (make people queue) which was impossible because the crowd was pushing from all directions and Taliban were walking with cables and with guns and with even with (an) RPG,” But she was worried about people who couldn’t flee the country and now had to suffer the wrath of Taliban. She added, “I was lucky but this is not the situation for many people,” she said, referring to the crowds stranded at the airport. “They do not speak English, they are not a filmmaker, they don’t have any international friends and their life is in danger.”