Aryan Khan’s bail hearing to continue on 27th October in Bombay High Court

Aryan Khan’s bail hearing today did not come to a conclusion. It is listed to continue on Wednesday, 2:30 PM, 27th October.

Senior Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi along with Senior Advocate Amit Desai appeared for Aryan Khan’s case and pleaded for him in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday. After 18 days in jail, Aryan Khan’s hearing in the Court did not come to a conclusive. Aryan Khan was placed under arrest on 3rd October and was sent to Arthur Road prison on 8th October, along with others, for the infamous Mumbai Cruise drug-raid case.

Aryan’s hearing for his bail plea was rejected by the special NDPS during the last hearing. Justice Nitin Sambre of Bombay High Court was slated to announce the verdict today. Aryan’s hearing will continue on Wednesday, October 27th at 2:30 P.M.


In the hearing, Rohatgi said, “No recovery, no consumption and no medical test. There is nothing against my client (Aryan Khan). He was arrested on October 3. There was a statement recorded under Section 67 which was retracted next date.”

Rohtagi pointed out how Aryan Khan’s friend, Arbaaz Merchant was found with a small quantity of drugs. Reportedly, Arbaaz Merchant had posession of 6gms of charas hidden in his shoe.

“What is put against me is that you came with Arbaaz Merchant, so you had conscious possession. It was far fetched. They say it was known to me and I had control. My case is not conscious possession at all. What somebody had in their shoe or wherever is not my concern,” Rohatgi argued.

Furthermore, talking about the WhatsApp chats in Aryan’s phone, that hinted at drug peddling, Rohatgi said, “As for the WhatsApp chats, they were of the time period of 2018. None of the chats are from the cruise.”

Adding to that, Rohatgi also said,  “These are young boys. They can be sent to rehab and they need not undergo trial.” The senior advocate also clarified the connection between Aryan Khan and co-accused Achit who has been listed as accused number 17. He stated that their chats are related to online poker.

Justice Nitin Sambre announced that the matter will continue on Wednesday as Additional Solicitor General stated that he will take at least 45 minutes to respond to Rohatgi’s argument. After that, the matter was listed to continue on 2:30 PM on Wednesday, 27 October.