Anurag Kashyap reveals actors hire chef who charges Rs. 2 lakh per day for healthy food

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, in a recent interview, spoke about escalating entourage costs and the demands of movie stars once again. Without revealing any names, the filmmaker shared that a particular actor has a chef who cooks “healthy” meals for them and charges Rs. 2 lakh per day.

In a conversation with Janice Sequeira, Anurag said, “Somebody has a chef who charges Rs. 2 lakh per day to make this strange healthy food.” He added that he wonders if it is indeed food or bird feed because the portions are also too small, he indicated with his hands.


The filmmaker further shared that the actor told him that he has a certain health issues, which is why they only eat whatever was cooked by the chef.

Anurag also talked about how some hair and makeup artist charge more than Rs. 75,000 per day. The filmmaker joked that he would have been much richer if he had chosen to be a hair and makeup artist, as they are charging way more than technicians.