Anupam Kher gives a positive update on Kirron Kher’s health

Anupam Kher shares a health update pertaining to wife, Kirron Kher’s ongoing battle with cancer. He places all his faith in the hands of medical science and is optimistic about the treatment.

Bollywood veteran actress, Kirron Kher in April 2021 was diagnosed with  multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. The news became a sign of worry and despair for her fans all over the globe.

In a recent chat with Hindustan Times, Anupam Kher gave out a health update regarding Kirron Kher’s ongoing treatment and her current condition.


He came bearing some good news as he said, “she is much better”.

Speaking on the current health situation and said, “It is a very natural phenomena to support people near you, and that is what I have been doing. Aur baaki toh kuch nahi kar sakte hum. Doctors are doing their best job. We have got the best doctors around and I can only be positive and optimistic and believe in the brilliance of doctors and pray.” He further added, “My brother is also a cancer survivor, [so there is hope]. Being optimistic and choosing to be happy always helps in every way”.

Anupam further mentioned that he is relying on optimism to go through this tough time. Recalling a pearl of wisdom of his grandfather, he said, “you can be happy by thinking how many people are worse than you, or you can be sad thinking how many people are better than you”.