Anupam Kher gets riled up with ‘changing colours’ remark about him over wife’s illness by journalist, retorts

Actor Anupam Kher took to Twitter for answering back to a journalist who had asserted that kher is ‘changing his colours’ because his wife Kirron Kher ‘has been asked to vacate her Chandigarh seat’ due to her ailment.

Anupam Kher called these claims ‘unbelievably insensitive’ and criticised the ‘level of degradation’ by the reporter. “The lady is not only unbelievably insensitive #Kirron’s illness, she also uses this situation to declare her fantasy like a vulture and without giving any proof of her claims. Shame on you,” he wrote. The journalist had claimed, “So here’s why #AnupamKher is apparently changing colours. It’s his wife #KirronKher’s illness. It seems she’s been asked to vacate her plum seat in Chandigarh and make room for someone else.”


This has come days after Anupam Kher slammed the government for handling the coronavirus crisis in the country and said, “It is important to hold the government responsible for what’s happening. Somewhere they have slipped. It is time for them to understand that there is much more to life than just image building maybe.”

In April this year, Anupam Kher confirmed that Kirron is diagnosed with blood cancer. Back then, Anupam released an official statement that read, “Just so that rumours don’t get the better of a situation Sikander and I would like to inform everyone that Kirron has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and we are sure she will come out of this stronger than before. We are very blessed that she is being looked after by a phenomenal set of doctors. She’s always been a fighter and takes things head-on. She’s all heart and that’s why she has so many people that love her. So keep sending your love to her in your prayers and in your heart. She is well on her way to recovery and we thank everyone for their support and love.”