Anu malik once called Raghu a ‘Chor’ after he asked if he has ever stolen music

Raghu Ram once questioned Anu Malik if he had ever copied music. Anu retaliated by calling him a chor (thief) and defending himself.

Raghu Ram previously questioned Anu Malik if he was guilty of plagiarism. Anu retaliated by implying that Raghu was also guilty of plagiarism and listing his original songs. The discussion occurred on an episode of Entertainment Ki Raat, which first premiered in 2017.

In a video shared on Instagram, Raghu is seen asking, “Kya aapne apne career mein koi dhun churaayi hai (Have you ever stolen someone else’s tune and presented it as your own)?” Anu replied, “Has liye? Ab jawaab diya jayega. Main aapko ek baat batana chahta hoon, mujhe nahi pata tha aap aisa sawaal karne wale hai. Aapki zubaan mujhe lagta hai bohot lambi hai, usko zara theek karte hai. Yeh jo aapne sawaal kiya hai na, yeh pehle 11 journalists aur kar chuke hai, toh aap bhi chor hai. Aapne bhi unka sawaal churaya (Have you finished laughing? Now hear my answer. You have a loose tongue, I need to shut you up. I did not know you would ask this question. This question you asked me has already been asked to me by 11 journalists before, so you are a thief as well. You also stole their question).’

Anu added, “none in this world is original, except God” He pointed to his other show guests, actors Shakti Kapoor and Ranjeet, and remarked that they must have been inspired by someone, but it doesn’t make them criminals. He asked Raghu the same question and claimed that he, too, must have been influenced by someone in his life and wondered whether it made him a thief.

“No, you are inspired. But after having said that, kya aapne Border ka music suna (did you listen to the music of Border)? Original. LOC Kargil? Original. Main Hoon Na? Original. Abhi teen rashtriya puraskaar mile Anu Malik ko, Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (My song Moh Moh Ke Dhaage got three National Awards). Original. Bhaisaab, udhaar ki taangein lekar Anu Malik itna lamba safar nahi kar sakta tha (Brother, Anu Malik could not have had such a long journey on rented legs),” he added.

Raghu’s Indian Idol audition video from several years ago recently became popular online, in which he branded Anu, a judge on the show, “rude.” Raghu told Anu, “I don’t like it when people are rude to me.” I’m sure you don’t enjoy it when people are rude to you.”

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