Ankita Konwar: Northeast people can become Indians only after winning a medal

Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar slammed racism against Northeast people and said that they are accepted as ‘Indians’ only when they win a medal.

Ankita Konwar, the wife of Milind Soman, took her Twitter handle to call out racism against Northeastern people. On Monday, Ankita who hails from Assam posted a tweet referring to the hypocrisy of people. She said that Northeast people are only welcomed when they win a medal for the country or else they are called ‘Chinese’, ‘Chinky’, or ‘Corona’.

Ankita tweeted, “If you’re from Northeast India, you can become an Indian ONLY when you win a medal for the country. Otherwise we are known as “chinky” “Chinese” “Nepali” or a new addition “corona”. India is not just infested with casteism but racism too. Speaking from my experience. #Hypocrites.” Her tweet came after athlete Mirabai Chanu, from Manipur won a silver medal at the weightlifting championship at Tokyo Olympics.


However, many of the tweeter users disagreed with her statement and trolled her for her negative approach. A user wrote, “Ankita, I am born and brought up in Assam. Please do not make negative statements like above as currently the NE is getting focus and reconnected to the mainland after so many years. So many people follow you, a positive message will definitely leave a nice impact.” Another one wrote, “Very negative approach…….. at least not expected from Mrs. Milind.”

A tweeter user wrote, “Yes in general, you are right. But there are a lot of us here who think everyone from Nagaland to Mumbai & from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is a proud Indian irrespective of their religion, caste & color. Cheers.” Ankita replied to the comment, “And that’s how we become a country!”

Even after all the backlash faced by her on Twitter, Ankita stuck to her opinion and shared a video on Instagram. She wrote, “Your disagreement to my lived experience is not going to change the truth.
If it makes you uncomfortable look the other way like you always have been. 💪🏽 #truthbetold #indian.”

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar got married in 2018 in Mumbai. Recently, the couple celebrated their third marriage anniversary.