Alia Bhatt reveals Ranbir Kapoor is very specific when it comes to dressing up Raha

Alia Bhatt recently shared that contrary to popular opinion that a mother dresses up her daughter, it is her husband, actor Ranbir Kapoor, who is very particular when it comes to dressing up their daughter Raha. The actress also mentioned that Ranbir has the funniest conversation with Raha.

Describing Ranbir’s interactions with their daughter and his role as a father, in a conversation with Indian Express, Alia said, “One of the things which I didn’t see coming was how specific Ranbir is about Raha’s fashion choices! I have to go and ask him, ‘Ranbir, what should Raha wear for this today?’ Then he will come, rummage into the wardrobe and put it together. He gets so deeply involved in that.”


Alia continued that one would assume that she dresses her up, but it is the opposite, the actress leaves it up to her husband to dress up their daughter.

The actor couple welcomed their daughter in November 2022 after tying the knot in February 2022. The couple will be seen together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next film Love and War, which also stars Vicky Kaushal.