Akshay Kumar delays the release of the OMG 2 trailer after Nitin Desai’s loss

The ‘OMG 2’ trailer will now be published digitally on Thursday, August 3, according to an announcement made by Akshay Kumar on his social media accounts.

Nitin Desai, a renowned Bollywood production designer and art director, died on August 2 by suicide in the early morning hours. His unexpected passing shocked the whole film industry, and celebrities expressed their sorrow and gratitude for his contributions to Indian cinema at the same time.

The release of the trailer for Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, “OMG 2,” has been postponed, he said, as a gesture of respect for the late art director.


The ‘OMG 2’ trailer was originally supposed to drop on Wednesday, but it has been postponed in Desai’s honour.

The ‘OMG 2’ trailer will now be made available online on Thursday, August 3, according to an announcement made by Akshay on his social media accounts.

The actor referred to Desai as “a stalwart in production design” and claimed that the choice to delay the release of the “OMG 2” trailer was made out of respect.

“Unbelievably sad to know about the demise of Nitin Desai. He was a stalwart in production design and such a big part of our cinema fraternity. He worked on so many of my films… this is a huge loss. Out of respect, we are not releasing the OMG 2 trailer today. Will launch it tomorrow at 11am. Om Shanti”, his tweet read.

Desai committed suicide on Wednesday at his own ND Studios in Karjat, on the outskirts of Mumbai, according to the local police.

Mahesh Baldi, a legislator from Maharashtra, asserted that Desai’s death was caused by financial stress.

Although the police have not yet located a suicide note, they have access to an audio recording from his phone. His death’s cause is the subject of more inquiry, which is still being conducted.